I’ve never been to Dublin IRL, but in 2L Dublin is one teleport-click away. I read about the Dublin Sim in the Metaverse Messenger of 2006 04 25. City photographs are used for the design of the sim, owned by Ham Rambler. When I walked into a shop, I was attracted by a piece of celtic knotwork on the floor.

A lot of ads for Guinness Beer on the information kiosks in the streets

After strolling down the streets in Dublin I wanted to go back to the public sandbox to practise some house-building and do it better than last week, but, unfortunately, two other people obviously had had the same idea.

So I went on to plan #3: a visit to Uvvy Island, a newly built spot in 2L, named after Rudy Rucker’s science fiction work, owned by my fellow-extropian Giulio Perhaps. I found myself there all alone, so I took a snapshot and signed out.

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