Tour on Uvvy Island

For more than a week my Real Life absorbed me fully, so I wasn’t able to visit 2L (just one simple log-in to receive my weekly fee of L$ 50). But today I found the time to come back again. Visiting Uvvy Island – the new project by Giulio Perhaps and his team that is to replace the METAXLR8 building – I found that some new edifices were built. The main auditorium is almost ready, as you can see here:

When I explored another floor of the building, I met Giulio, just coming back from being away 🙂 . So we had a talk and he showed me other parts of the Island. The beach for example, where I visited the main building of the IEET (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies):

After this he showed me something amazing: a virtual music machine built by one of his colleagues. Eager to play with it I was stunned about the possibilities so I forget to make some snapshots. Although a bit primitive for people who are used to great DAW-software like Reason, it shows the way things might turn out in a virtual world. It can’t be very far away. So, with this new experience I travelled to Berkshire where I looked for a house to buy.

Only a simple Irish cottage was affordable to me (L$ 400), but I think I want something more….

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