Long time, no post

My RL and my SL consume too much time, so there isn’t very much left to write in this journal. I’ll give you an update about last week. Of course I visited Dublin. Again, I saw nobody there; it must be a great place but there are no visitors when I am there (are they hiding?). But this time there was something new that was really awesome: The Book of Kells. There were only a few pages reproduced, but it was there to see; so I browsed a few pages and took some snapshots:

Of course Uvvy Island was again on my schedule: on june 7th there will be an official opening.

I will attend and I am on the list to participate in testing the Vivox-software. There was a new building: a spaceship. Of course I had to examine it and what did I see: a strange turtle-like robot; it reminded me of the documentary “Victim of the Brain”, inspired by the famous Hofstadter book “Gödel, Escher and Bach”.

Finally I transported myself to the fourth floor and there I met Giulio Perhaps with some his friends, celebrating his wife’s birthday.

One of the guests – unknown to me – announced being pregnant of her first SL- virtual baby. Hmm. I hope they’ll ask me to be the Godfather.. 🙂