95 Theses of Geek Activism

95 Theses of Geek Activism.

Very interesting, I agree with almost everything.

Geek activism has not taken off yet, but it should. With the gamers
recognizing the need for a louder voice, EFF gaining momentum and Linux
taking on the mainstream on the one hand and recent severe losses in
privacy, freedom of speech and intellectual property rights on the
other, now seems to be the best time to rally around the cause.

Geeks are not known to be political or highly vocal (outside of our own
circles)- this must change if we want things to improve. So here is my
list of things people of all shapes, sizes and sides of the debate need
to know. Some of these are obvious, others may not be meant for you.
But hopefully, some of these will inspire you to do the right thing and
others will help you frame the next discussion, debate or argument you
have on these topics.


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