Burning Life

One of the most boring features of Second Life is that there are too many software updates. So when I log in, there is almost always a message, telling me that I have to download and install the newest version. And then there was the message, earlier this week, that my password was no longer valid, because of security reasons. So I had to get a login-code and change my password. The other day, after updating, Second Life was down. Life isn’t always easy, and neither is Second Life.:-(

But today, after installing another update, I had some time left to explore a bit more than the usual wake up in my home, teleport to Uvvy Island and have a look at my short list of calling cards to see who’s online (no-one). So I took the advice Second Life gave me to visit “Burning Life”, whatever it may be. It appears to be a collection of beautiful buildings in a desert-like environment. And…there is a website with more pics…

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