Second-hand news

Visited 2L a few times this week.

First I was at Dublin, at a Halloween party:


Next day I visited the Black Sun Tower.  At the beach I saw a slide. Wow, why not becoming a virtual kid for a while? Who cares – it’s only second life!

LOLSITW (Laughing Out Loud Splashing In The Water)

Okay, now for the more scientific person that I want to be. I tried to attend the meeting at Uvvy Island with the lecture by Waldemar Ingdahl, director of Eudoxa. Unfortunately, they don’t work with the Vivox-client anymore, but with the Winamp-Shoutcast plug-in. Didn’t work with my computer, so I’ve been there, but heard nothing.

More successful was my attempt to open an account at the MetaBank. It was not difficult at all, but I am just curious what will happen with my money. After all, one of my purposes for signing up with Second Life was to investigate how things in VL differ from RL.

Finally I revisited the Black Sun Tower today. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the opening night at november, 4th. So, I wanted to take a look there again. The last time I teleported myself to the spot I found myself in a beautiful castle-like building. It was opposite from the Black Sun Tower. This time I noticed it was slightly modified.

As you see, nothing worth mentioning :-). So to conclude this entry I grabbed some news from other websites, mostly Reuters: