Bram Bos’ Lunchbox

First of all: let’s quote one of my favourite writers, Robert Heinlein, from his novel “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”: TANSTAAFL: There Ain”t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Lunches may not be free, but the Lunchbox is. It is a piece of software by Bram Bos, who also gave Moonfish, Hammerhead, Tuareg and, last year, Tunafish to us, Compusicians. It was his entry for the KVR Developer Challenge. The best waste of time since minesweeper, according to the flashscreen. Bram certainly didn’t waste his time by programming this (he only stole it from further developing Tunafish).

It runs from a memory stick. I can only agree with a guy named pascual on the tuareg-mailinglist, who wrote:

just cruising by to warn everyone to stay off the lunchbox. you can
really waste a lot of time jamming like a fool in front of computer
screen. Bram, you should be arrested.

2 thoughts on “Bram Bos’ Lunchbox

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