Neil Stephenson lives in Second Life.

Just a short visit to the Black Sun Tower. I got this wonderful Black Sun T-shirt. Usually not much interested in clothes, I feel proud of my T-shirt, so I decided to wear it and to visit The Black Sun.

Who else would I meet there? Of course, IntLibb, who was also wearing his T-shirt. And told me that MetaBank had opened their first branch in Margritte. I visit the building, next to the pizzeria.

to check my account. And noticed another building, opposite from the pizzeria that just was standing there inviting me to come in (and buy some products). And inside I discovered that monument for Neil Stephenson:

Great! It’s a shame that there are also people who are just trying to destroy the Metaverse with the cyber-equivalent of Grey Goo, the self-replicating nanoscale robots that eats everything on earth to feed themselves. Grey Goo is also described by – among others – Stephenson in his novel The Diamond Age. You can see Grey Goo at work in this short movie, posted by OneUp Thiebaud to the metaverse mailinglist.

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