More Snowcrash in the Metaverse.

Yes, I am reading “Snowcrash” again and it appeared to me that it is not a luxury: I can recall almost nothing of the book. It is great to see that the Black Sun community is preparing a Snowcrash RPG and some of the members are writing objects, like the “Safe” I bought earlier this week for L$ 150


and the animated combat Katana (both used by Hiro Protgonist in his combat with businessman in The Black Sun Club) by Abramelin Wolfe for L$ 850! This was the biggest investment I ever made in 2L, my home was only L$500 and my plot of land L$ 512! Why bother? Here you see me practising with my katana

I never thought I would be interested to play combat games.

Still visiting Uvvy Island now and then, but I almost never see there anybody. This week however I met Manoj Undercity (RL name V.R.Manoj), who is a member of the board of the WTA-SL. He designed the new website for the transhumanist movement.

I talked to him briefly, and he showed me the room where the board meets once a week.

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