Assisi in Second Life

After a very long period of suspension of my Second Life, I returned briefly in the virtual world today. Except for a short visit to try out the portable Second Life client (useless, because very slow) I couldn’t think of any reason why I should spend my time there.

Second Life is empty. But today I read Giulio Priscio’s post about his new project: the Island San Francesco Assisi.

Last summer I visited Tuscany, Italy , with it’s many interesting Renaissance churches during my holidays IRL. It was crowded (though not too crowded) and that made it difficult to see everything that was on my wishlist.
One of the good things of Second Life is that you can recreate

our cultural, historic and artistic heritage in the Metaverse

so you can visit the church, palace of museum of choice in virtual reality. Wedoit, the leading organization for this project, and the participating Metafuturing did a very good job with the Island of Assisi. The architecture of the Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi and the artwork that it contains, have been recreated with high fidelity.

But, alas, no visitors at all.

despite the hearty welcome:

What will be the future of Second Life? When too many people are swimming in the pool, the water will be polluted. But with no people at all it doesn’t make any sense to keep the water clean either.

Okay, back to business; how is my financial situation? I teleported to one of the ATM’s of My Second Bank (FKA “MetaBank”) to check my balances. It must be around L$ 20,000, but…all ATM’s were gone! The Venues in Nangrim, Black Sun and Friedman were still there, but no machines!

I’ll have to wait if the ATM’s will be brought back in the grid – maybe it is only for maintenance purposes, but I don’t feel assured about my money. Of course it’s only virtual money, but it still hurts.:-(

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