Kuehleborn’s blog in Lolinese

LOLcat is the new internet language. As Mashable defines it:

it is the deciphered language of cute pets, most prominently cats, and proliferated into the wilds of the web by the folks at I Can Has Cheezburger.

At my artblog I wrote an entry (in Dutch) about the LOLcat translation of the Bible.

Now there is the Lolinator, an online transmation engine for Blogs.

So I typed in the URL of this blog, and here is the result:

kuehleborn livez in web!!??!!
kuehleborn iz my alta ego… n my internet-alias. kuehleborn iz also characta in albert lortzin romantic opera undine. kuehleborn iz mind uv flesh-n-blood person livin irl as george overmeire.

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