14/3: Pi-Day

Pi-Day is here again! 14 march, written as 3/14 in American date format, and these are also the first digits of Pi.

Last year I wrote about a virtual celebration of Pi-Day in the Metaverse of Second Life, and now there is again an opportunity to meditate a little on the special qualities of this number.

First of all: learning all the digits is impossible, because it is a transcendental number with an infinite range of digits – but it can be a challenge to study as much of them as possible.

My personal record is 25, ( 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433) but I am still working on it! I memorized them by chunks of five digits, but there are probably better ways. Like this mnemonic rhyme that I found on the wikihow-website:

Now I will a rhyme construct,
By chosen words, the young instruct.
Cunningly devised endeavour,
Con it and remember ever.
Widths in circle here you see,
Sketched out in strange obscurity.

You can also buy this T-shirt at ThinkGeek! It is on my Wishlist, so if you are looking for some gifts to surprise me, don’t hesitate!

Another good starting point is Pi World, where you can find the first Million digits and also the Pico-software, that helps you mastering the number, that is giving meaning to the life of a Geek.

Daniel Tammet, the savant who wrote the book “Born on a Blue Day”, recites 22.514 of them on Pi Day 2004.