MindMeister 2.0

MindMeister is a MindMap tool. It also is a web 2.0 application, so you can edit your MindMaps on the Web.

Web-based mind mapping tool MindMeister launches version 2.0, with an impressive roster of new features like node attachments, task tracking fields, and extensive map-sharing. Give it a whirl after you check out our beginner’s guide to mind-mapping meetings.

There are a lot of MindMaptools now, my bookmarks are at Delicious, but a more extensive list is at blinklist.

Since Tony Buzan introduced the concept of the MindMap, there has always been a hype on the subject of “Radiant Thinking”, especially among those who are aiming for intelligence amplification and creative thinking. Buzan’s “MindMap Book” is a must-have, but I for one think it is just one method of organizing your notes.

However, I use the Mindjet-software, which is rather expensive, but good. The FreeMind software is free – nomen est omen -, almost as good as Mindjet, and I run it from my USB thumb drive. So I think I will switch to FreeMind shortly, because it integrates well with OpenOffice (while Mindjet integrates with Microsoft Office).

Web MindMap applications are at Bubbl.us and also MindMeister. I have accounts with both services, but never used them; I stick to my desktop software. More interesting is WikiMindMap, which makes a map of every correctly formatted Wikipedia article. However, it is not possible to export the maps to FreeMind.

For non-linear note-taking one should also consider TiddlyWiki, which has some nice features, and, of course, The Brain.

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