Enhanced Trance

After finishing my “Melancholy” – tune, I was filled with inspiration to make another one. This time it would be a more up-tempo work, so I chose “trance” as my genre – BPM 140.

Not that I ever attended a house party, but the project was, after two projects with only samples, and two projects with only own recorded MIDI, to make a “hybrid” piece with samples ánd own work.

So I used the Trance-template in FLStudio to get the project started and I loaded some samples from Computer Music # 120 DVD, which was entirely devoted to Trance, to get inspired – which was hardly necessary. With FL’s great synths Sytrus and Toxic I recorded some simple loops of my own.

The only weak spot is the rather unexpected reprise of the main theme after the breakdown – but after hearing it a few times you hardly notice it.

Probably I should invest a little more time to make the arrangement better fitting, and of course I should invest some time in the mix. But hey, most great composers destroy their first ten or eleven works, because they think these works are premature “after” they have’ve grown into real composers. So I still see my work as an exercise.

Enhanced Trance: better than the real thing? I wouldn’t pretend that; I think of it as “Trance without Hands” – there is still a lot to improve, but I think this is a piece of work that I still will be proud of after a few years.

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