Up and Down

My new piece. It’s called “Up and down” because first of all, after my eruption of inspiration, my inspiration went down and I had to struggle to finish my opus 6, which was built on a Rennaissance-like ostinato. Although I like my own Chord sequence, it was difficult to finish it, so I quit.

I’m not ashamed for my own failures, so here it is, however, it is not finished – and I doubt if It ever will be.

After two weeks of hating myself for not producing anything, I decided to take another viewpoint: I fiddled in Bram Bos’Tuareg 2.5, a program with some interesting synthesizer-features. After building eight up-and-down running themes with Tuareg’s Halo and Amber synthesizers, I exported them as samples and imported them in FLStudio.

Now I had a start and it was not difficult at all to compose the rest of the tracks, using some samples and the Sytrus and Poizone synths.

Of course, again, how long can you sustain a good idea? The beginning sounds very promising, but it is still difficult for me to keep the attention of the listener, at least to keep my own attention.

Whatever, my opus 6 is ready for the world.


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