Lifehacker’s Jobvertisement

Lifehacker is hiring! Of course they’re looking for a centipede:

Things You Should Be / Have

– Tech-savvy
– Nimbleness with numbers
– Details, details, details
– Expert at calendar keeping
– Brain for logic, puzzle-solving
– Love for the Interwebs
– Fan of Gmail and other Google Apps
– Tendencies toward perfectionism
– Meeter of deadlines
– Ability to explain tech to non-tech types
– Bravery in the face of demons/dragons
– Eye for marketing and presentation

– Web: HTML, web traffic metrics necessary.

– Software: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PhotoShop (simple image editing only) necessary.

* Extra Credit: JavaScript. Flash. DoubleClick DART, Atlas, PointRoll, EyeBlaster, OpenX, or Google AdSense. Bug tracking, project management apps, 37 Signals apps.

Unfortunately I miss the marketing and presentation eye. And, of course, I don’t live in the NYC area. Most important, (because all these things could be changed), I prefer my current job, low-profile as it may be in someone else’s perception; it leaves me enough time to do the things I want to do with my scarce time.

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