Opus 9 – Exceptional Synths

My opus 9 is inspired by Image Line’s Ogun synth, my newest addition to my VST collection.

I tinkered with the sounds and made two chord patterns, one in A minor and one in C major.

I also used the new synth Sawer, and some old friends, FLKeys, BooBass and Sytrus (for the guitar strumming at the end).

Now, the melody may seem a bit shallow, but thinking about it, it seems quite similar to some tunes written by the hero of my youth, Rick van der Linden, keyboard player of the Dutch group “Ekseption”. However, I’m now satisfied with the result, I invented everything myself, including the rhythm, and worked harder on the mix.

So here it is: my opus nine. Maybe I still haven’t reached the status of a mature composer, but I’ll keep trying.

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