Come feel Renoise

Trackers! A new way of thinking about music! For me, as a classically trained musician, my main purpose in studying electronic music is to make music from a new perspective.

Now, while I use scores and notes in my daily work as a choral conductor and arranger of choral music, I use piano-rolls when working with FLStudio. But FLStudio has, just like Finale, a horizontal workflow. Trackers, OTOH, work with vertical rows and with hexadecimal note-entries.

I have Buzz Machines, Madtracker and Renoise installed on My Computer, but until now they seemed very arcane to me. I thought I’d prefer Buzz Machines, because it is modular, like EnergyXT, and completely free. But: starting with #128, Computer Music publishes a monthly workshop “Totally Trackers”, working with Renoise. So now I’m getting the hang of it: here is a small and casual result, just to keep track of my own progress.

Another great monthly workshop I follow in CM – if time permits –  is Scot Solida’s “Synth Esentials”. In #132 he explains how to make a plucked string patch in Oxe FM Synth, a great free VST plug-in. Great; until now I always used only the presets of my synths, but of course that’s not where a synth is made for.

In the meantime, I’m working on another project in FLStudio, but that’s not finished yet.