Just Some Noise

Last weeks I’ve been busy learning Renoise. The monthly workshop in Computer Music helped me a lot, and after last month’s issue I felt prepared for the job to make my own piece of noise. I have to admit: the drumtrack is based on the material CM offered – of course I entered the data myself, but the idea was not mine. But then I did everything myself, based on the techniques I learned until now.

A lot of Noise – hence the name of my Opus 11. It is interesting to notice how a different interface of the DAW influences your imagination and consequently the output. Until now I worked with three DAW’s, Ableton’s Live, FLStudio, and now Renoise. However, Musicator, Band-in-a-Box and Bram Bos’ ‘Tuareg also deserve some credit. Last week I updatet my Ableton Live suite to version 8. So, I think my next masterpiece will be in Ableton Live.

One thought on “Just Some Noise

  1. Nice to see your progress. We actually didn’t know there was a monthly workshop featuring Renoise in Computer Music before reading it in your blog.

    We hope you will be using Renoise in future projects. If you need any help consider visiting Renoise’s forum. Suggestions from your classical perspective are also welcome, as most of our users are more electronically inclined.

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