Opus 12 – Mystic Land

Another Renoise project. This one was inspired by the Renoise Music Competition to make music for the RPG Immortal Empire. Especially the winning song, “Goddess of Fate” by Jacek Dojwa inspired me to write something melodic, instead of Just Some Noise.
Well, it was quite easy to make the beginning, because I was extraordinarily inspired when I started on 11 May 2009. So there was an inventio, but I had a lot of trouble with the elaboratio. In fact I had a hard time working out what was in my head, and in the next few weeks the music became worse with every minute I spent working on it.
Yesterday, 6 June 2009, the Dutch composer Louis Andriessen celebrated his 70th birthday. I read an interview with him in “De Volkskrant” where he said that if you got stuck, you can find the problem usually some bars before the place where you got stuck. Of course he was right! I decided to delete a whole section of the piece, of course the tracks I was not satisfied with and just finish it. The result is a rather short piece with plucked harmonies I like.

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