Microsoft’s Vision For 2019

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<objects.length;k++){embs[embs.length]=objects[k];}}else{embs=objects}for(j=0;j<embs.length;j++){var emb = embs[j];if (emb.getAttribute('lk_media')!='yes'){continue;}if(emb.getAttribute('lk_mediaId') =={var b = cBB(emb);'px';'px';break;}//end of if emb }//end of for embs }//end of for divs } I think 2019 is still in the very far future. So I hope the Multitouch Screen will be implemented in society much earlier. Possible applications are education, work, tourism, but, although the technology is available since 2008 with Microaoft’s Surface Table, a lot of experimentation has to be done before people know how to work and to cooperate with multitouch-technology.