Moving House in Second Life

Last months I haven’t visited Second Life very often. Reasons are: being too busy with First Life and not enough reason to be there at all. So, November last year I logged in and got disappointed by visiting some of my favorite places: Dublin (almost extinct), the sandbox for new citizens (desolate) and Uvvy, with the transvision conference room (one of the main reasons for me to sign up with second life) – no-one there, although it seems that there is some activity planned.

Okay, as you can see it was actually night in the grid, but hey – second life is only a server, rendering some code into a virtual world experience, allowing the first-world gods behind their computer screens to move their avatars as they please.
It took a very long time until I recovered from this experience and then Linden Labs offered me a new home for my premium membership. Now I realized that the house I owned at Seu (264448, 235008) was already not a home for me any longer – my neighbours had turned the area into a mishmash of houses, stores and even a dog kennel. Earlier I complained about their constant editing of the land.
So, when Linden Labs offered me the new house on their own property, which means it will be kept clean, I thought “time to move house”. I chose a “House of Mizu” in Japanese style (I’m proud of the samurai sword at my back)”, in the region of Fujiwara. I baptized my home “Undine” – sounds good with “Kuehleborn”.

Here you see me, just arriving at my new home.

My house, seen from above.

There’s a lot of space in the house!

Now I had to find some furniture. So I went to X Home Furniture to decorate my home.

First things first: I bought a bed, the “Bella Notte” Bed. Why? I don’t know! To virtually wake up in bed when I log in an to go to bed when I log out.

Here you see me, just a moment before I pushed the “quit” button.