Op. 13 – Having a Cold

Almost a year ago I finished my opus 12 – Mystic Land; a Renoise Project. I’ve been trying very hard after that to make something new and my hard disc is filled with directories with unfinished projects. A lot of them were made with FLStudio, still my favorite DAW. But after I had the courage to let my daughter hear some of my experiments with vocals, which made her ROTFLOL, I decided that I had to take another path.

So back to Ableton Live: another interface, another point of view – new inspiration. On April, 2nd I started working on my new piece, “untitled”. One of the great things of Ableton is the possibility of toggling between session view and arrangement view. I had found some samples and rebuilt some clips with midi data of my own, all in the session view window. This gave me the opportunity of auditing the clips.

Tonight I had the whole piece recorded.

Because I was sneezing all the time, I decided that this should be the name of my opus 13 – nomen est omen – “Having a Cold”.