Some Geek Pictures

I’m in the process of rethinking the design of this website. I like the current theme very much, but it has a few stubborn nuisances. But: another theme means: another banner, and another banner means: doing some personalizing with graphics. The point is: I’m not very good with graphics, so I usually try to find something on the web. I didn’t found what I was looking for yet, but I found some very amusing pictures, that I want to show here:

Inspired by Escher’s “Realtivity” litho with lego. I found it here, but the original (without the text, but with a description) is here.

This picture has been recycled on the web a lot of times, and that demonstrates how you should always protect a good idea before others use it for their own purposes.

The next picture by Hugh MacLeod is licensed by a Creative Commons License. I like it because the transhuman twist in it.

The Geek Shades, in the next picture, combine a very non-geek outdoors-activity (enjoying sheer sunlight) with tools for geeking. Very useful if you are dating a non-geek girlfriend who wants to go to the beach, while you actually want to do some tinkering.

Talking about tinkering: how often have I struggled with my, or someone else’s, computer to remove the cover of it. While replacing the harddisk or plugging in a new card or memory cost me only a few minutes, removing the cover, especially with a Compaq computer, can take you an hour or more. This picture compares the desperate tussle of the computer geek with the Kama Sutra:

The last picture is pathetic. I have included it in this post because I collect owls, and I have some cuddly owls in my home. My collections is here, on my personal website, with a description in Dutch, and some others on my Flickr stream. But this one, pretending to

to keep your spirit up, while rushing for the piled-up work.

is just silly.