Last week I bought my Livescribe Pulse 4G! Now I’ll never miss a Word while taking notes 🙂

I didn’t have much time yet to play around with it, but I made a MindMap of the article “Astronomy and particle physics race to replace Standard Model“, that I uploaded to my “myLifescribe”-account. Unfortunately I accidentallly deleted the audio, so you can only see a small piece of the process of how it works.

The Livescribe smartpen is quite versatile: it can write and record while taking notes and upload it all to your computer or to a “cloud”; Livescribe offers a 500 MB space to their Livescribe community – isn’t that generous? (No, it isn’t!)
But it can do more: there are also applications to extend the functionality of my smartpen, a pencast player for your smartphone (i-Phone only 😦 ) and a paper piano:

Finally there is transcription software to convert my handwriting to printed text – “The Pleasure of Handwriting”. Unfortunately it doesn’t understand my unreadable scribbles! That, after all, is the main reason for using a smartpen: technology is there to adapt to our shortcomings, not vice versa!