Goodbye Moleskine, Welcome LiveScribe

Last week I changed my good old-fashioned pen-and-paper note-taking habits to scribbling and recording notes with LiveScribe’s smartpen.
My beautiful Moleskine note-books, together with my multi-color pen, fitted my needs completely, and will remain on my desk, full with my treasured notes, all indexated and tagged. But, I have to get rid of all the treeware in my house, the books, the magazines, the print-outs of interesting web-pages and I want everything stored in my digital scrapbooks Evernote and Diigo as much as possible.
Evernote gives me the opportunity to store my LiveScribe pencasts as pdf, which makes life a lot easier. Luckily LiveScribe sells Moleskine look-alike notebooks, so it still feels like pen and paper note-taking; the transition will be as smooth as possible 🙂

The SmartPen offers a lot of other goodies, like the American Heritage dictionary, very handy, because I’m not a native English speaker or writer (as you might have noticed 🙂 ) and the “Swiss Army Knife“, an application with a stopwatch, a ruler, a counter and a metronome in it. For tagging my notes there is PageTag, but this app works a bit errr.. well, it doesn’t work yet.