opus 14 – In Two Hours!

Actually in One Hour and thirty-two minutes; this was a quicky!
Almost a year ago I finished my last piece. A year later there are a lot of unfinished projects on my Hard Disc, but none of them (well, maybe one – working title “Escher’s Dream”) will ever be finished. I wrote almost the same words about my struggle to compose a decent piece of music last year, but obviously the process of creation demands 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.
Last months I spend a lot of time working with Energy XT, because it is portable, and I got inspired to make “Escher’s Dream” (the one that has to be finished) by some new great synths of LinPlug – my favourite is ChronoX3.
You can hear the ChronoX3 also in this piece, that I just composed with the freshly installed FLStudio 10.

A few days ago I wrote on this blog that I have to get used to the new features, and workflow, but now I am used to them and I think that they are an improvement.
Well, it may not be the masterpiece that I was hoping for, but then again, thinking of the extremely short time I worked on it, it is not too bad either.
I know – of course – that the Plucked! broken chords and the ambient sounds made by the ChronoX3, do not talk together, at least in the harmonic sense of the word, but I have deliberately chosen to have them that way, just to experiment with FLStudio’s chord and arpeggiate function. Besides, I really like those weird sounds and it is only the Holy Trinity of Me, Myself and I who has the right to decide.
So I consider it finished – ready for the world, but will the world be ready for my deviant art? 🙂

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