Demand Media buys CoveritLive

A long time ago I wrote about LiveBlogging software CoverItLive. After my testdrive I haven’t done anything with it; today they sent me a message that Demand Media acquired CoveritLive in February.

It’s all very very good for us and for them. Given that Demand is a publicly traded company, I can’t really talk too much about the acquisition other than: a) it made us all happy; and, b) it will make all of our customers happier.

I’ll just pray and hope for the best (but prepare for the worst) – sometimes a great idea simply doesn’t work – I’m thinking of Pownce, Google Wave. I also think that smartphones and Twitter/Twitpic already have enough live-blogging capabilities – looking at the live-events that use CiL, you see almost every participant post via Twitter. However, CiL is more, and it’s especially designed to actively involve readers and build a sustainable reader group.

I haven’t used CiL after my first trial, but the news about Demand Media’s acquisition of CiL was a trigger to delve into it again. What are the new features?

  1. Live Gaming is Live – hm, CiL may be very excited about it, but I don’t have the slightest sense of humor; I’m not interested in games and polls.
  2. Android App: Ah, that’s great, so I downloaded and installed it on my phone. Let’s give it a try.
  3. Facebook sharing and polls. Just wait and see.

Now, I’m looking forward to LiveBlogging my first event again. What I need is
a: people willing to participate,
b: an event.