Timeglider Plus
 for just $60 — for life!

Timeline publishing system Timeglider has now a limited offer, that lasts only until June 30, to upgrade your free account to the “pro”-version for just $60. For life – you’ll never pay another penny for using their software!
“For life” is a long time, and since Timeglider is web-based there is a risk: you never know when a company decides to go out of business and the program (not to mention: your data) are gone. However, although I had a free account with them – just to fiddle around with it, I used Timelinemaker for my projects in (music) history. But, as I mentioned before, I’m a bit disappointed when it comes to what Timelinemaker really can do for you. The “publish-to-html”-function, necessary to include the timelines in my webprojects, like this one, is definitely not what it promises to be: hyperlinks and attached documents do not work. The software hasn’t been updated for a while, which makes me worried about how long Timelinemaker will be supported.
So, I accepted Timeglider’s offer to upgrade, and I was happy to notice a lot of improvements. With Timeglider Plus, you can:

  • Easily collaborate & share with other Timeglider users
  • Create a group of student users that can be monitored
  • Build legends to better inform viewers and filter events
  • Import calendars from Google and other iCal sources
  • Publish timelines to as many as 10,000 visitors per month
  • Manage and batch-process events in a searchable interface
  • Create as many timelines as you’d like


  • present several  timelines in one presentation.

I tried exporting the Timeline Maker Professional documents as csv- data and importing them in Timeglider, but that didn’t work, so I’ll have to transfer all the data manually.

That’s not where we invented computers for 😦

However, here is the work in progress (a lot of German, due to the subject):