The eighth edition of the GOGBOT Festival takes place from the 8th to 11th of September 2011 in the centre of Enschede. This annual festival for music, art and technology is organised by Planetart.

The program looks very interesting with again a lot of transhumanistic influences, although maybe not as much as last year, when the theme was “The Singularity is Near – Resistance is Futile”.
This year’s festival theme is ‘Data-Panic, YouTube-poop, Japanoiiid!’.

From the program:

  • Music: eclectic, grime, electronics, electro, minimal, 8-bit rave, glitch, dubstep, beats, noise, bleebs, breakcore, speedcore, terror, disco, drones, psychedelic, metal, drumnbass, circuitbending, experimental, performance.
  • Technology: googlization of everything, we are anonymous, information overload / abundance, cyberwars / cyberattacks, info panic, japanoiiiid, filtered failure, militant modernism, digital folklore, post-internet, singularity 2.0