Geek or Nerd? Again that boring discussion, but with nice infographics

I have discussed the subject before on this weblog, but it still is an interesting point of blogging: what is the difference between a geek and a nerd? A new infographic, provided by Masters in IT, has been recycled around the internet recently, so let me jump on the bandwagon too and copy-paste it here.

The infographic has been published earlier at SoyaCincau, ResumeBear, LazyTechGuys and now by me 🙂

Another infographic can be found at Bit Rebels: Geeks vs. Nerds: The Anatomy.

Both infographics have their own biases, but generally speaking you should not aim at “fitting” in some classification invented by people who need to label others just for a conveniently arranged view of the world – IMHO.
Considering both infographics I like to think of myself more like a kind of hybrid between the two species, adding some nerdy flavour to my personal brand of geekiness – or backwards.