MindMeister on Google Drive

MindMeister has been integrated with Google-Drive. This service, FKA Google Docs, means you can also share your favourite MindMaps.

Also, they promise there are even more ways to create your MindMaps, but I wasn’t able to try it because I’ll have to wait until Drive is availabe to me – that is how it always works when Google offers a new sevice. :-(.

Drive is:

  • A cloud storage and collaboration service from Google,
  • that allows you to access your stored files online from anywhere with any device, and
  • supports all web browsers  – they say, but the app only works with Google Chrome! – and both Android or iOS devices
  • gives 5Gb of free storage with an option to purchase additional
  • Integrates with top applications! – like MindMeister.

Google Drive also allows people to create, edit and share files with one another.

Because of the news, I had some reason to get back to MindMeister and I have to admit: it is good. It definitely looks nicer than FreeMind of FreePlane, but MindMap apps like X-Mind or Mind 42 also do a reasonably good job. And of course there is my own favourite program: The Brain, which has it all: a desktop version, a portable version and a webversion, that allows you to share your brain.
Finally, let me share this nice infographic on MindMapping by LunchBread, from visual.ly: