Get your free copy of Arc 1.3: Afterparty Overdrive

It is now more than a week ago that Arc announced the third volume of their sciencefiction magazine on their website:

The wait is over. Arc 1.3: Afterparty Overdrive is out now – and it won’t cost you a penny. This time out, we’re taking a look at the future of pleasure: from robot music to riotous shopping and the gentler pastimes of crowdsourced theatre and biohacked gardening. And we’re making it free for a limited time on our Zinio and Google Play stores.

That is very generous, of course! In fact it is a great offer. Problem is, as always, the copyright cops. Google Play is not available where I live, so I can’t download the ePub. What is the problem? Since it is free, there is nothing to steal!
An alternative is the Kindle version (with Calibre I can convert it to the format my Sony reader understands). But:

(Sorry, Kindle readers: your version’s coming soon.)

Arrgghh, I hate waiting!

Incidentally: the announcement made me think about that other Science Fiction magazine, TRSF. I’m curious if a new volume will be published.