IPad Music

Last Christmas…I bought my iPad Retina. It took some time to decide about the platform, because actually I’m more into Android. But, iPad has some good MusicMaking possibilities, so I decided to spend that $300 more to buy my fourth screen 🙂
I’m now the proud owner of an Asus Notebook (6 years old, running Vista, slow when booting, but still working fine when up and running), a HTC One X+ smartphone, a Sony E-Reader (overloaded with > 1700 ebooks) and an iPad.
Talking about music: Garageband is Apple’s Flagship music app, but actually it is just a collection of out-of-the-box samples you can order and re-order. More interesting stuff is Image-line’s Fl Studio Mobile, Propellerheads Rebirth, the original desktop-version is now a free download, and Korg’s iMS-20.

Today I put together this little piece of music “Korgelig”- a portmanteau of “Korg” änd the Dutch word “korzelig” – “grouchy”. Not worth to assign an opus# to it, but I uploaded it to SoundCloud. My skills definitely need to be improved, but practice makes perfect – or at least permanent.

Another little composition I made a few days ago was with ReBirth – baptized “ReBird”.

What’s in a name? Probably the squeaky sounds 🙂