Op.15 – The Oink Song

It is probably the most dadaistic, moronic piece I ever made ánd published (there are a lot of unpublished projects on my HD), but in my current flow of creativity, obviously triggered by the music apps that are on my new iPad, I made something with GarageBand that I think is not too bad.
It is built around the sample “Oink” – confronted with the mic on my iPad’s screen I just spoke the magic word into Garageband’s sampler and modified it with the arpeggiator and the intelligent scale system.

Finally I played around with the smart instruments and stirred the patterns in the sequencer. Ready! Opus 15: The Oink Song. Export to SoundCloud.
That was fun, wasn’t it?

Note: I initially announced this piece as op.14,but it appeared I already did compose an Op. 14! So I renamed the Oink Song as Op.15.