Opus 16: Three Easy Pieces.

During a short holiday, playing with Propellerheads “Figure” app, I made three little, experimental pieces.

Starting with these tracks I also experimented with the naming of my work; I generated haphazardly some Nordic-sounding names. Of course I also have to keep track of the chronology, so I numbered them Op.16, not sure in what order I made these pieces.
Op.16,1: No Ryhemu
Op.16,2: Rerefyjo
Op.16,3: Pydodo

I exported the files with AudioCopy to FlStudio Mobile, and tried to make it into one composition by adding some tracks to it with the Alchemy synth and some native FL instruments. However, I’m not satisfied with this piece, so I will consign it to oblivion. 🙂