A New Look

I have always been very proud of this blog. When I started it, it was hosted on wordpress.com. It is still there, although it hasn’t been updated for a while. You can also read it there with the beautiful and quite popular Andreas04-template by Tara Aukerman. When I transferred the blog to my own server, I used this skin again, but the internet evolved and the template became obsolete, it wasn’t able to work with the newer plugins. So I found the ExtizeMe-template by W.Regenczuk. Beautiful, very beautiful, although it came with a few minor annoyances. So I was already thinking about using something else, but that was easier said than done.
Last week Twitter decided to change the script for the profile badge. Why? I don’t know, and they didn’t inform me about their plan; suddenly it didn’t show up anymore on my websites, leaving only an empty box in the sidebar 😦 .
I had to generate a new code for my badge and the only problem was: it worked perfectly on all my other websites – built on Drupal and some of them also on WordPress, but unfortunately not with the ExtizeMe-theme.

So, it was time to move on and choose another skin for this blog.
That wasn’t easy; finally I chose the Obandes-theme, by someone named “tenman”. Not completely satisfied with it, but for now it will have to do.

My twitter badge works fine, BTW 🙂