Tresorit – Create and access content easily.

Well, it was not that easy to access my content, because I lost my password. 😦
Tresorit is another cloud storage service, like the well-known DropBox. I signed up for a Tresorit account when it was in its very initial stage (6 months and 13 days ago!); there were no mobile apps for it. So, I installed the desktop application, uploaded my first Tresorit and sat back to wait for better times to come. Then they released their Android app and now, finally, the iOS-app.
Because I was an early bird, I received 50 GB of storage! Downloading the iOS-app gives me an additional 5GB Bonus space, so I hurried to the iTunes Store to download the app and…damn, what the hack was my Tresorit “LetMeIn”?
Frantically firing all my possible passwords into the login screen, I began to face the horrible fact that I obviously didn’t recall my password. I always thought my password-system was watertight – what a terrible mistake!
Tresorit has no way of recovering your password, due to security reasons, as they say. So the problem is, actually…they’re too strong!
Okay, after several attempts, I finally hit the magic word and I was able to Login again.
Really Strong!
They even challenge the Hacker-community with a bounty of $25,000:

Hacking Challenge
Unlike other cloud storage services, we make sure no hacker, Tresorit administrator or government agency
can get your data from our servers.

If you run out of storage with your DropBox account, ánd your iCloud, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive space, you probably should think about Tresorit. The Free Plan offers already 5 GB, which is not too bad.

Online Music Creating with Aviary

Aviary is a free suite of powerful online creation tools. You can edit photos, logos, web templates and more, but I’m not very good with graphics – until now I only use Aviary for screen capturing.
Now they have released their online Music Creating tool. Of course it cannot compete with FLStudio or Ableton Live yet, but OTOH it is still in beta and offers already 50 instruments, mostly beats. But there is more to come, so I’m curious what will be the future of music making with Aviary.
So here is my first effort; just a simple beat. But that was before I sent out my five invitations to unlock more advanced features, that I haven’t explored yet.