The most beautiful Love Song

This is – IMHO – really the most beautiful and romantic love-song a nerd can sing to his girl-friend.

I still watch TBBT every week, but unfortunately the episodes are not as good, funny, or at least “nerdy” anymore as they used to be, especially in the second and third season. The girls in the show shifted the centre of gravity of the story to the love-affairs of the four friends, instead of having fun with Geek LifeStyle.

However, this episode, S07E06 “The Romance Resonance”, was for once very good again, and the song, that Howard wrote and sang for his wife Bernadette (since it is the anniversary of their first date), proves that the makers can still add some geeky flavor into it.
More of that, guys; please!! There are already too many trite TV-shows about vapid teenage people with their shabby love-troubles.

If I Didn’t Have You (Bernadette’s Song)

If I didn’t have you
Life would be blue
I’d be Dr. Who without the Tardis
A candle without a wick
A Watson without a Crick
I’d be one of my outfits without a Dick-ie
I’d be cheese without the mac
Jobs without the Wozniak
I’d be solving exponential equations that use bases not
found on your calculator making it much harder to crack
I’d be an atom without a bomb
A dot without the com
And I’d probably still live with my mom

And he’d probably still live with his mom

Ever since I met you
You turned my world around
You supported all my dreams and all my hopes
You’re like Uranium 235 and I’m Uranium 238
Almost inseparable isotopes

I couldn’t have imagined
How good my life would get
From the moment that I met you, Bernadette

If I didn’t have you
Life would be dreary
I’d be string theory without any string
I’d be binary code without a one
A cathode-ray tube without an electron gun
I’d be “Firefly,” “Buffy” and “Avengers” without Joss Whedon
I’d speak a lot more Klingon Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam

And he’d definitely still live with his mom

Ever since I met you
You turned my world around
You’re my best friend and my lover
We’re like changing electric and magnetic fields
You can’t have one without the other

I couldn’t have imagined
How good my life would get
From the moment that I met you, Bernadette

Oh, we couldn’t have imagined
How good our lives would get
From the moment that we met you, Bernadette

Published on Oct 24, 2013
Written by Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome
Published by Warner-Barham Music LLC (BMI)
Performed by Simon Helberg, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, and Mayim Bialik
& © 2013 Warner Bros. Television


Bohemian Gravity

A new Physics Song by Timothy Blais, a parody of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (as is obvious from the title). Like Queen’s Brian May, Blais is also a physicist, his thesis is online, and a great musician. Good performance, funny, and, since his thesis was submitted for a master of science, I suppose the science behind the lyrics is correct. But I’ll have to check that later 🙂

Is string theory right?
Is it just fantasy?
Caught in the landscape,
Out of touch with reality
On S5 or T*S3

Space is a pure void
Why should it be stringy?
Because it’s quantum not classical
Any way you quantize
You’ll encounter infinity
You see

Must interact
Via paths we understand
Using Feynman diagrams
Often, they will just rebound
But now and then they go another way
A quantum
Infinities will make you cry
Unless you can renormalize your model
Of baryons, fermions
And all other states of matter

Curved space:
The graviton
Can be thought of as a field
But these infinities are real
In a many-body
Loop diagram
Our results diverge no matter what we do…
A Quantum Soup (any way you quantize)
Kiss your fields goodbye
Guess Einstein’s theory wasn’t complete at all!

I see extended 1-D objects with no mass
What’s their use? What’s their use? Can they give us quark plasma?
What to minimize?
What functional describes this
Nambu-Goto! (Nambu-Goto)
Nambu-Goto! (Nambu-Goto)
How to quantize I don’t know
I’m just a worldsheet, please minimize me
He’s just a worldsheet from a string theory
Reperametrized by a Weyl symmetry!

Fermi, Bose, open, closed, orientable?
Modes! They become particles (particles!)
They become particles (particles!)
They become particles (particles!)
Become particles (particles!)
Become particles (many many many many particle…)
Modes modes modes modes modes modes modes!
Oh mamma mia mamma mia,
Such a sea of particles!
A tachyon, with a dilaton and gravity-vity-VITY

(rock out!)

Now we need ten dimensions and I’ll tell you why
(anomaly cancellation!)
So to get down to 4D we compactify!
Oh, Kahler!
(Kahler manifold)
Manifolds must be Kahler!
(Complex Reimannian symplectic form)
If we wanna preserve
Any of our super-symmetry

(Superstrings of type I, IIa and IIb)
(Heterotic O and Heterotic E)
(All are one through S and T duality)
(Thank you Ed Witten for that superstring revolution and your new M-theory!)

(Type IIB String!)
Dual! Dual!
(In the AdS/CFT)

Molecules and atoms
Light and energy
Time and space and matter
All from one united

Any way you quantize…

Lyrics and arrangement by Tim Blais and A Capella Science
Original music by Queen

Geek Fun.

Costumed Roleplaying is a custom of dressing like fictional characters, better known as “Cosplay”.
The WonderCon – convention this year took place in Anaheim, CA, on April 1, 2013.
Here is the video:

That is fun, and I wish I could have been part of it!

On the opposite of the geek-spectrum there is this video: PSY “Gentleman” Parody – Fed Up Angry Geeky Girl! It is supposed to be fun, but for some reason I’m missing the sense of humor to understand the parody. I think it is stupid. The original K-pop song by PSI isn’t much better, of course, but probably the G-word attracts too many people yet?

Here Geekiness has been corrupted into something common, to say the very least.

Walking on the Geek-Side of Life means Living on the Edge. But this video is a Fall into the Abyss of Banality.

Geek Love: 10 Reasons to Date a Geek.

Just recycling a post by Harry Mylonadis on “The Next Web“.

With Post Valentine Depression now well behind us, I thought it was time to cheer up and write about something more positive. A few days ago my wife turned to me, while I was brainstorming uber-geeky topics and ideas, and told me “You should write the top 10 reasons why someone should date a geek!”.

I paused for a second and with a puzzled look told her “Well, you tell me what they are…”. I’ve been with my wife for more than 10 years now and I’ve always wondered, why the *blip* did she choose me? What’s so special about me? Doesn’t my geekiness drive her mad?

After a long discussion and a bit of psychoanalysis, we managed to boil it down to the following reasons.

  1. We’re Loyal
  2. We’re Caring
  3. We Don’t Create Problems, We Solve Them
  4. We Like to Listen (even though we may drift away)
  5. We’re Creative
  6. We’ll Search Very Hard for Your Present
  7. We Learn Everything
  8. We Can Adapt
  9. We Are Easy to Please
  10. No Sports Night

It is a funny list, nothing more, nothing less. It is just a list, and geeks like lists, don’t they? I’m not sure if all reasons apply to me, at least some of them need some personal fine-tuning, but others may decide that for me.

Filk Music

I’m currently e-reading Larry Niven’s (ed al) “Fallen Angels“. I like the story, but the book is about fandom, which is a new world to me.  So, I did some googling, which gave me 33,700,000 results, of course a lot from Wikipedia, all – at least the first three 🙂 – very interesting. Eventually I also learned about Filk, also new to me:

a musical culture, genre, and community tied to science fiction/fantasy fandom and a type of fan labor.

As I see it, these are lyrics, counterfeited to popular or at least well known songs, inspired by scifi or fantasy.

Interesting websites are

Some samples:

Somewhere Over the Barstool

Words: Gail Pittaway
Music: “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Somewhere inside this starship
Must be booze.
No one could chance to run out,
Not on a five-year cruise.

Somewhere outside this rec room
We’ll explore.
Maybe inside Kirk’s stateroom
We’ll find a little more.


The Day that SF Died
© 1988, Arlan Andrews, Sr.
(roughly based on melody of “American Pie” by Don Mclean, ca.1971)

So, farewell, Mr. Robert Heinlein
Thank you for your stories and your soul and your mind
We wish you well while traveling the galaxy’s girth
Far away from the green hills of Earth
Far from the green hills of Earth.

It is a mer a boire; unfortunately the performances I heard – sung by Filk-Singers – are not that great.

Web surfing can be very dangerous: while exploring the topic at hand, you always end up finding something entirely different. And so the SWIL Filkbooks collection also gave me a link to Physics Songs.

Songs about physics can help students to remember critical concepts and formulas, but perhaps more importantly they communicate the lesson that physics can be fun. They certainly help to establish an informal classroom atmosphere, in which even shy students are willing to ask questions.
The songs may also activate a different part of the students’ brains. In 1983, Howard Gardner advanced the theory that each person has many different kinds of intelligence (Frames of Mind : The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Basic Books). His original list had seven categories: verbal/linguistic, mathematical/logical, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Songs about physics link into the musical aspect of intelligence, helping many students to build a richer “knowledge tree” relating to the concept being taught, and thus promoting better retention.

True – although personally I have some doubts with Gardners Multiple Intelligence-theory. But it is a fact that music can help you remembering things, for example the famous “Do Re, Mi” song from “The Sound of Music”, which helps you remembering the names of the notes, but, since the notes are also on the correct pitch in the musical scale, you can learn how to find them in the tonal space. The concept is, in fact, stolen from a medieval song, “Ut quéant laxis” that, by the way, coined the solfege syllables.

The songs by Tom Lehrer (Nomen est Omen – “Lehrer” is of course German for “teacher”) are also well known (he wrote more than just “The Elements”).
Other interesting projects, mentioned on this weblog before, are the Pi-Songs and the Symphony of Science ProjectA Glorious Dawn“.
The Particle Physics Song, lyrics by Danuta Orlowska, performed by the CERN Choir in the CERN Control Center based on the tune: “The Bold Hippopotamus” by Flanders and Swann is here as an example (and, given the fact that the singers are not professionals, quite well sung) of the still expanding database (complete with search engine) of physics songs.

Not sure if this post is about Filk Music, Physics Songs or creativity for educational purposes, I will include in this post the link to ThinkGeek’s Haiku contest. Obviously geeks are creative!
Let’s quote something scifi:

Learn from the Jedi.
Discipline, control, respect.
Dangerous muppet.
— Patrick in Anaheim, California